About the game Tiadar: Awakening of Darkness


TIADAR — a unique virtual world, which absorbed the best sides of modern online games. Project genre MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with elements of Action, RTS and RPG developed into something more a not defies classification and is able to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding players!

The game is notable for its beauty, thanks to Unity3D. A wide variety of game modes allow you to combine 2 to 50 players in one location simultaneously! Herein is where to carousing for prorolling and study of beautiful places the game world. In the battle is used system without the direct selection of the object with the mouse — non-target. Particular fascination gives the game a nonlinearity of development of character, an opportunity improve outfit of your favorite hero.

You are a loner? It does not matter! TIADAR need your help! Darkness came into this world, and only united, we will be able confront her! Choose your a loner path or the creation your own clan. To the participating in the battles, sieges, of hikes on bosses!

Perhaps you already have your squad? You are head of the numerate society? Signal lights «Outposts of death», and the horns arenas of the city «Agarvaen» urge the you and your companions! Fight with the apostates in the «The Forest of Darkness». Will gain victory over dangerous creatures in «The of Desert Hadarak»! Find the «Forgotten Temple» to open new abilities!

Key features of the game:

* A unique fusion of genres! Expanse for strategists, a paradise for role-players, luxury playground for the supporters of the fight face to face with the enemy.
* Dynamic Battle! Think fast, act faster, and do not forget that in an ideal team, even weak characters are transformed into force.
* Unique tactical battles! Each battle is unique in TIADAR, each battle requires a new tactics. Frazzle enemy guerrilla incursions, to organize a massive breakthrough in the frontal attack or a hit from all fronts at the same time — you decide.
* Your unique style game! Wide choice of characters with unique characteristics, skills and preferences in combat tactics. Develop character in accordance with your views about the strength, necessary skills and of appearance.
* Team — guarantee of victory! Create teams and clan, rise on tournament ladders! Crush to anyone who dares to say that you are weak!